Artist Statement



The cast resin works of “Within” represent both mystery and metaphor. The use of clear resin and lost wax surfaces allows me to capture, reflect and diffract light to create a constantly changing vision. The surfaces of the sculpture act as a mirror or prism and offer the contrast of surprise yet familiarity. I find a strong connection between the material and myself. Time disappears. There is a kind of magic that takes place during the act of creating art.

To create these works, a liquid resin and catalyst is poured into a five sided mold which contains a wax sculpture. Other elements are occasionally included, such as wire, acrylic or small metal figures. The heat created in the curing and hardening process melts the wax. The liquid wax is poured from the mold, leaving a translucent, hollow image of the original sculpture within the resin.

As a result of this process, cast resin encloses a hollow space, yet reflects from within. The inclusion of figures and objects implies personal metaphors of time and space in addition to introducing scale. The shapes and gestures imply emotional states such as curiousity, confusion, fear, and wonder.